Excellence in professional English from native speakers plus a few useful surprises!

If you use English we can help. Just expect creativity!

Professional progress means international communication and that means English. BAsic premise of what we do and offer here. Envision what may become. Range of services. English is the language we communicate in, but how much business opportunities are you losing because the English you’re using does not clearly and succinctly convey the message. Maybe the message is wrong itself.


Creativity is what you can expect from us. Maybe this should go in the top section. While we aim for perfection and professionalism, they are standard no-compromise values, our most valuable offering on top of that is our creativity. We can write well, clearly, succinctly, but we will don’t want to do anything without owning your project with you and putting ourselves into it. Assume professionalism and skill but enjoy our creativity in finding the solution for you.

Creative Copywriting

We combine imaginative, informative texts and narrative with the natural style and authority of experienced native speakers.

Social Media Content & Management

Fresh and interesting content across multiple platforms and blogs for optimal engagement.

Proofreading & Editing

We’ll improve and thoroughly check anything you have written and work closely with you for the very best result.


We translate into and from English, Greek, Russian, Afrikaans and Bulgarian and are adding more languages frequently.

Presentation Coaching

Writing, delivery, visuals, and interaction with your audience – we’ll take you through it all step-by-step.

Improve your English

Tailor-made courses for individuals and groups from business English to literature.

Voice-over Commentary

From concept and scripting to quality recording and production combined with a wealth of experience across many industries and applications.

Photo, Video & Website services

From concept to the final piece, we will shoot and create stunning imagery and videos and tailored contemporary websites.

Everest Camp Trek

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Walking Holidays

Fuerat aestu carentem habentia spectent tonitrua mutastis locavit liberioris inistra possedit.

Explore The World

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Upcoming Tours & Destination

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